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Coming Soon: Podric Moon – Hail Podric!
By Barney Broom 1 min read
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Coming Soon: Podric Moon – Hail Podric!

Inspired by local village eccentric Ivy Bickerstaff who has an amateur interest in ancient history, Podric discovers the village he lives in has a Roman heritage. Using Ultimate Alternative Reality Podric comes face to face with Julius Caesar whose legions are making camp for the night at the outset of their quest to conquer newly named Britannia. Mutually fascinated, the general invites Podric to Rome where caught up in a web of intrigue, he experiences life as a galley slave, is allured by sirens and discovers school friend Jane Cartwright training as a gladiatrix! Meanwhile Podric’s UAR partner Archie Light takes his seat in the Senate allying himself to Caesar’s main rival Pompey.

Set amidst these adventures Podric’s twenty-first century life is seriously challenged, his mother being diagnosed with breast cancer. Opting to seek alternate forms of medicine, Barbara begs her son take her into the Roman world – anything to alleviate her anxiety. Dubious, Podric raises the stakes as he becomes involved with King Caratacus and Queen Boudicca fighting for a free Britain!

Fourth in the Podric Moon series – Hail Podric! combines technology of tomorrow with compelling adventures set in the past.

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